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Offical Voter Info Guide Cal Statewide Special Election 10-7-2003
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Proponent's Grounds for Recall / Governor's Response

Proponent's Recall Argument / Governor's Recall Argument

Candidates to Succeed Gray Davis as Governor if He Is Recalled

  • As the state's chief executive officer, oversees most state departments and agencies and appoints judges.
  • Proposes new laws and approves or vetoes legislation.
  • Prepares and submits the annual state budget.
  • Mobilizes and directs state resources during emergencies.

Michael Cheli
P.O. Box 1143
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

As Governor, I will work hard to make a positive difference in people's lives. I support constitutional principles of life, liberty and property; and America's traditional moral values. As a nonpartisan, I'll cross all party lines in order to procure the best solutions for the challenges facing California. My first task as Governor will be to reduce my own salary by 10%. I will hold town hall meetings to address the real concerns of California citizens. No new taxes or more government programs. We need to cut California's wasteful spending, upgrade our credit rating, and restore fiscal accountability. I'll work to improve California's schools, and will hold schools accountable for how they spend our tax dollars. Let's provide children instruction in the basics, as well as trade and technology courses. I'm for 100% of the California Lotto proceeds going to the schools, and bringing back arts, sports, and electives. I'll work to improve health care and protect Social Security and Medicare. I will work closely with police, sheriffs, and firefighters to protect local communities. Freedom is not free, and I'm proud to support our troops. I will support President Bush in the war on terrorism, while working to safeguard the Bill of Rights. I'll defend our environment while respecting the rights of the people to use and enjoy it. I think we ought to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit in California and promote small businesses, job growth and innovation. I'd be honored to serve California's citizens. I would appreciate your consideration.

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