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Offical Voter Info Guide Cal Statewide Special Election 10-7-2003
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Proponent's Grounds for Recall / Governor's Response

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Candidates to Succeed Gray Davis as Governor if He Is Recalled

  • As the state's chief executive officer, oversees most state departments and agencies and appoints judges.
  • Proposes new laws and approves or vetoes legislation.
  • Prepares and submits the annual state budget.
  • Mobilizes and directs state resources during emergencies.

Ralph A. Hernandez
Democratic Party
2718 Barcelona Circle
Antioch, CA 94509

Vote Ralph Hernandez, for Governor! Experienced, Tax Fighter, problem solver, honest, dependable, and highly qualified! The State must live within its means! We have to! So much money misspent. I oppose tax increases. Political back room deals, questionable decisions, and more. As Voters, we have the right to take back our State! My qualifications include—BA Criminal Justice; 47 years political experience; Executive experience in budgeting, contracts, policy making, decisions, leadership, and Governing; I stand up for people and what's right; former Council Member; experienced veteran Peace Officer, 33 years; Citizens For Democracy, Chair; adopted puppy and kitten into our family; 5 children, many grandchildren; Homeowner; Martial Artist; Californian 51 years; down to earth; Spanish Speaking; have common sense. Jobs, businesses, and industry have been forced out by high energy costs, excessive taxes, congestion on highways, and unfriendly practices. I'll work to bring them back, and keep existing ones here! The public is suffering from over taxation, crowded schools, strained public services, pollution, poor water quality, and more. Greed also has caused many of our problems. I also support—accountability; no Tax increases; flat Income Tax; reduced Licensing fees; Financial Privacy; roads and transportation improvements; Equal Rights and Protections; Equal Employment Opportunities; Proposition 13 protections; Public Safety; environmental protections and conservation; alternative renewable energy; Senior Citizens' protections; Budget reorganization; strong Law Enforcement; and prosecuting Welfare Fraud. As your Governor, I'll bring this State back to prosperity! Employ Californians, and buy California goods! Vote Ralph Hernandez, for Governor! Thank you.

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