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Offical Voter Info Guide Cal Statewide Special Election 10-7-2003
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Proponent's Grounds for Recall / Governor's Response

Proponent's Recall Argument / Governor's Recall Argument

Candidates to Succeed Gray Davis as Governor if He Is Recalled

  • As the state's chief executive officer, oversees most state departments and agencies and appoints judges.
  • Proposes new laws and approves or vetoes legislation.
  • Prepares and submits the annual state budget.
  • Mobilizes and directs state resources during emergencies.

Mike Schmier
Democratic Party
Fax: 510-652-0929
1475 Powell Street
Emeryville, CA 94608

As your Governor I will work to provide the fiscal responsibility-reality check California needs to save taxpayer money and return us to a positive financial position. We can do this by encouraging the involvement of the talented people we already have in our business and government communities. Californians must demand that their legislators pay attention to the people and do their true work. We must listen to experts and act on their best ideas: educators to improve our schools; union and business leaders to develop our entrepreneurial climate; specialists to protect our environment and modernize transportation; health care professionals to improve the well being of our citizens; and leaders in all fields—and bring California, again, to the forefront of new technologies. Good fiscal management requires making our State the very best place to work and do business. When people have steady, meaningful employment and affordable housing, we all do well. I will also work to promote California nationally and internationally. Our State is the gateway to Mexico, Central and South America, the Pacific Basin and Asia and is America's number one provider of products and ingenuity to the world. California needs and is clearly ready for a true reality check on how we use our financial, natural and human resources. America and the world look to us for innovation. Let's reclaim California now.

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