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Offical Voter Info Guide Cal Statewide Special Election 10-7-2003
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The Libertarian Party is American as apple pie.

Like you, we have jobs, businesses, families and dreams.

We've entered the political arena to restore liberty and American values. We're working toward a government that taxes and spends less, and won't interfere with your personal life.

If you describe yourself as socially tolerant and fiscally responsible, you're a Libertarian!

We believe you - not the government - should decide how to run your life, checkbook, retirement, education and family.

The Libertarian Party supports your rights to:

  • Keep what you earn. Reduce or eliminate taxes whenever possible.
  • Run your own business and enjoy your property. Reducing regulations and paperwork creates more jobs, higher pay, and lower prices.
  • Educate your children as you see fit.
  • Choose your own lifestyle. The government shouldn't consider you a criminal because of your choices in relationships, recreation or medical treatment.
  • Truly equal treatment under the law regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, or personal characteristics.
  • Own a firearm. Self-defense is a right, not a political favor.

With over 60 elected Libertarians in California and over 525 officeholders countrywide, we're a real and growing choice.

Call 1-800-ELECT-US or go to

Join us today!

Libertarian Party of California
14547 Titus Street, Suite 214, Panorama City, CA 91402-4935 1-800-ELECT-US (for inquiries)
1-877-884-1776 (California Headquarters)
E-mail: Website:

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